Companies planning to enter the metaverse must embrace diversity

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February 28, 2022, 12:28 PM GMT+0

A study found companies that lead with representative content generate as much as 40% higher ROIs than those that do not.

Businesses looking to create meaning and value in the metaverse must embrace diversity in audiences. To create authentic content that engages a diverse audience, businesses must understand and embrace the differences, nuances, expressions and tastes of all cultures.

Companies should invest in audience research and take a more equitable approach to position the brand towards underrepresented markets. They should also prioritise diversity during the recruiting and training phase. Along with diversity, businesses must focus on providing a rich and immersive experience in the metaverse.

Moving ahead, a new generation of content tools will generate high-quality content at scale and will be easily available. Brands must embrace these platforms along with navigating potential licensing concerns and collaboration opportunities while creating content for the metaverse.

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