Personalise newsletter content to turn curious browsers into consistent readers

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February 28, 2022, 2:23 PM GMT+0

According to a Reuters study, 70% of media leaders plan to focus on newsletters this year.

With tech giants like Facebook and Google continuing to dominate the market, publishers have figured out digital subscriptions to be a far more reliable source of revenue than advertising. But, they need to personalise their newsletter content to convert an idle moment into a regular daily routine and turn the curious into a consistent consumer. Studies show that personalised email newsletters perform better than those curated by an editor.

To effectively create newsletter content that is relevant and targeted to each audience, publishers must thoroughly understand their readers and leverage their knowledge. To convert and retain readers, publishers should continually refine their product keeping the audience experience in mind.

Publishers can also produce newsletters around topical events and target more specific audience groups. Using AI and machine learning can help determine the best time(s) to send newsletter editions. Further, publishers should experiment with newsletter design and layout to attract reader attention.

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