Along with utility, designs in the metaverse must reflect empathy and inclusivity

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March 02, 2022, 3:03 AM GMT+0

The metaverse presents an opportunity for designers to create a digital environment that is inclusive, decentralised and pro-social.

While the metaverse has the potential to become an interconnected digital space facilitating a range of activities, it could also be exploited for nefarious purposes, such as spreading conspiracy theories. It is important that designers not only focus on utility in the metaverse but also aim to craft a thoughtful and socially responsible design that provides a layer of humanity.

Users will depend on cues in the metaverse digital space to decide where to go, what to do and how to engage with other users. In the metaverse, designers need to tap into their conscience and the sense of morality to build engagement cues that encourage pro-social interactions.

Design principles such as affordance and signifiers can help designers accurately help metaverse users understand what possible actions are and pick on clues to the operation of things. Similarly, designers must focus on elements of creativity, aesthetics, empathy and experimentation to create a socially responsible design in the metaverse.

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