Technology companies rank high on consumers’ trust list

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March 02, 2022, 2:49 AM GMT+0

A survey of 21,503 people aged 16 and above across 29 countries by Ipsos revealed social media organisations are among the least trusted sources.

The top attribute, according to 43% of consumers, of a company being trustworthy is if it is reliable and keeps its promises. If a company is open and upfront about what it does, it could be trustworthy for 42% of respondents.

Acting responsibly would gain a company the trust of 33% of those polled. Consumers (27%) trust face-to-face interactions the most, followed by private messages from colleagues, friends, or family (23%), and television (22%).

Organisations considered to be most trustworthy by participants are technology companies (34%), pharmaceutical companies (31%), and banking companies (28%). Additionally, 57% and 54% of consumers, respectively, find social media and online blogs or forums not very trustworthy as sources of politics and current affairs information.

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