Preference centres can help brands partner with customers to ace privacy compliance

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March 03, 2022, 4:31 AM GMT+0

A preference centre is a multitasking page on the brand’s app or website that helps streamline the data collection process and gives customers more control over their data.

With consumers increasingly turning into data privacy activists, marketers must give their audiences the opportunity to tell them what exactly they want from the brand. Marketers need to closely track consumer behaviour along with government action, to successfully navigate the evolving data privacy landscape.

Introducing a preference centre on the brand’s app or website can help marketers give their customers more control over their data. Using a preference centre, customers will be able to inform brands what kind of information they consent to be collected and how they want the data to be used.

Consumers can even use the preference centre to inform brands how often businesses can contact them using that data. With 86% of consumers are becoming more concerned about data privacy, businesses must act soon on their data privacy functions in order to market themselves as forward-thinking, consumer-friendly industry leaders.

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