Use earned data to personalise consumer journeys without third-party cookies

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March 03, 2022, 2:38 AM GMT+0

Leveraging earned data and building an emotional connection with consumers can help brands succeed in a cookieless world.

As third-party cookies phase-out in 2023, marketers must work to lower the friction across the consumer journey. Integrating earned data from walled gardens into the marketing mix can help marketers glean more actionable insights and enhance personalisation.

Walled gardens like social media, search platforms or ecommerce sites offer second-party data, and already have consent models and first-party datasets. Marketers can be present in walled gardens to better connect with consumers and personalise their consumer journey.

However, with consumers being anonymous in walled gardens, brands should use machine learning tools to gather data from relevant and reliable sources, as well as track their behaviour. Combining insights from walled gardens with first-party data can help marketers effectively forecast the anonymous consumers’ journey through their owned platforms.

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