Many podcasting platforms and agencies are wary of dynamically-inserted ads

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March 04, 2022, 12:31 PM GMT+0

Paid subscriptions can help podcast creators monetise less-appealing content without dynamically-inserted ads.

Though dynamically-inserted ads are becoming the standard in podcasts, many agencies and podcast monetisation platforms are concerned about the shift from host-read ads. Agencies are also concerned about dynamic-inserted ads from the programmatic buying process cluttering the podcasting medium.

While pre-produced ads are easy to purchase and are automated, they can result in lower CPM pricing, leading to higher ad loads compromising the podcast experience. However, with improved targeting options in podcasting, advertisers have better control over their ads and can avoid a lengthy clearance process with a podcast host using pre-produced or dynamic ads. But, Hilary Ross, Veritone One, believes, “Not all pre-produced ads are created equal,” compared to host-read ads which are consistent.

According to Stephen Smyk at Veritone One, the programmatic buying process may have an impact on relationships between podcasters and advertisers. All stakeholders, however, agree that overloading podcast with ads is not favourable for a medium such as podcasts. Further, many podcasting platforms like Acast, Wondery, Spotify and more are offering paid subscription services to provide an ad-free listening experience to paying users.

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