Measure campaign performance holistically using incrementality models

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March 04, 2022, 1:37 PM GMT+0

Create custom scoring models that evaluate a variety of indicators in an incremental media mix to predict and drive smart optimisation.

Given the lack of impression-level data on platforms like Facebook, measuring campaign performance with multi-touch attribution is always challenging. Brands that want to future-proof their campaigns should track incrementality. This helps measure the additional business results that the campaign delivers in total.

Businesses should adopt a bespoke measurement methodology that uses numerous weighted data sources to quantify their media’s impact on brand goals. Merging the core data with the combination media, business, and advanced measurement data in the incrementality model is suggested.

Marketers can yield more accurate results using incrementality models than measuring stand-alone impressions. An incremental model offers a holistic view of the campaign and eliminates vanity metrics. Incrementality models can also attribute the historical value of past campaigns.

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