Though publishers realise the importance of AI tech, adoption is at limited pace

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March 04, 2022, 1:34 AM GMT+0

Among many reasons, publishers claim internal challenges like lack of resources are responsible for the late adoption of AI.

According to WAN-IFRA, 77% of publishing executives report AI will be important for the success of their business. In fact, 85% of publishers feel AI-based algorithms can help identify readers at risk of churning early on and take necessary steps to reengage them. But, around 50% of the respondents are yet to explore any AI technology.

Similarly, while 91% of respondents find personalised newsletters are the key to boosting the number of habitual readers, 63% of publishers are yet to experiment with personalised newsletters. In this regard, AI-powered personalisation algorithms can help personalise newsletters.

Although 64% of publishers do not currently have automatic resurfacing of archived content, 82% of respondents plan to adopt the technology by 2024. When it comes to implementing AI, publishers are keen on learning from their peers in the industry. 67% of publishers said that they have implemented the technology while working with external partners.

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