Brands shipping globally must do this to cut back on waste

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March 07, 2022, 2:38 AM GMT+0

Showcasing duties beforehand can help brands improve CX and curb parcel refusals as well as chargebacks. 

In many cases, buyers are unaware of the duties or import taxes that may apply to their package and can lead to a negative customer experience and high chances of parcel return. But, clearly showing the duties and import taxes at the checkout page can help companies enhance global buying experiences.

Further, offering duties prepaid provide total cost clarity on purchases, with no surprise fees on delivery and an overall better experience. It can also help build trust and confidence in the brand. As a result, brands catering to international markets will get fewer refusals, fewer chargebacks and a higher customer lifetime value.

Brands should ensure that each order has the correct information, with updated shipping rates. Businesses can also automate estimates across regions and products to effectively manage regional tax rules to reduce mundane tasks and focus on strategic aspects.

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