Poll webinar viewers to gather actionable data about buying intent, timelines

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March 08, 2022, 10:39 AM GMT+0

Strategically placed, well-crafted, and clear in-webinar calls-to-action (CTAs) can entice viewers and convince them to make a purchase.

To host successful webinars and convert viewers into consumers, brands would do well to share insider tips, VIP knowledge, and exclusive how-to. Before launching a webinar, create personalised stories using background information and problem-solving content to build excitement for the event.

Develop a content framework for varied buyer personas as per their decision-making capabilities and address problems in the different stages of the sales funnel to offer value. Create downloadable resources with FAQs and create tailored content and in-webinar answers to convert viewers. Brands can also learn about viewers' purchasing intent and timelines by polling them during the webinar.

The data acquired from polls can help brands design a customised sales or marketing experience, as well as integrate it into their CRM. Using a webinar's analytics system, track, and test CTAs for attribution, and let sales teams answer Q&As to build relationships with prospects and increase conversion. Design a post-webinar report to follow up with viewers and create remarketing campaigns to convert qualified leads.

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