Atomise podcasts into smaller clips and quotes to broaden reach

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March 09, 2022, 2:28 AM GMT+0

Have sales teams promote relevant episodes to clients and consumers to build word-of-mouth traffic for podcasts.

Despite podcasts becoming more popular, many content marketers are still hesitant to include them in their marketing mix. Marketers' concerns range from the effectiveness of podcasting to the effort involved in producing them. According to a report by Casted, only 30% of marketers believe podcasts to be an effective tool.

Lindsay Tjepkema of Casted notes that marketers looking to enhance podcast effectiveness should break them into smaller clips, quotes and key takeaways, posted across channels like social media posts, blogs, and emails. Carolyn Chapin of LogicGate agrees, stating that marketers should convert podcast episodes into SEO-optimised blogs and video content for social media.

Brands can feature industry experts in their podcasts to inspire loyal listeners to spread awareness about their products and organically attract listeners. Companies may measure their podcast's efficacy by tracking new listeners and social mentions, notes Chapin. Also, marketers concerned about the cost and time it takes to create podcasts shouldn't be, because the quality of the audio content is more important than production quality.

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