European consumers lead on green adoption and demand sustainable brands: Study

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March 09, 2022, 4:11 AM GMT+0

But even among the most green audiences, environmental impact factors are way behind price and convenience.

When it comes to green consumers who demand sustainable brands, European consumers lead the green adoption brigade, while Australian and US consumers are the least green. Similarly, German and Swedish consumers are not as green as expected. Italian and Spanish consumers, on the other hand, top the ranking of most environmentally friendly customers.

Millennials are slightly greener than Gen Z, mostly since the latter lacks the purchasing power to regularly purchase environmentally sustainable products. Older generations are of the opinion that businesses need to step up and meet environmental expectations. Yet, the environmental impact of a brand is far less important than price and convenience, even among super-green audiences.

As for brands, in their efforts to break down economics, convenience, performance and knowledge barriers, experimenting with new products is the key. Brands also need to be cautious against trading off price or convenience and should take privacy concerns seriously.

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