Feature industry experts in podcasts to build B2B business relationships

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March 11, 2022, 2:29 AM GMT+0

Leverage the RSS feed in podcasts to distribute podcasts through channels like Spotify.

B2B marketers can use podcasts to promote their business, reach out to prospects, and establish relationships. To create relevant podcasts with engaging and informative content, clearly define the podcast's goal and target audience.

To build relationships with podcast listeners and meet their expectations, make sure the podcast is consistent, has a length of 30 minutes or less, and is published weekly. Convey the brand's story, speak to listeners conversationally and authentically, and avoid talking about the product in podcasts.

Companies can also feature industry experts to offer deeper insights to podcast listeners and build relationships with other businesses. Brands can improve the production quality of their podcasts by investing in a good microphone and hiring a producer.

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