Companies' sustainability messaging must portray the consumers as protagonists

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March 14, 2022, 8:04 AM GMT+0

The ideal sustainability messaging addresses the needs of consumers and society, and shows a brand standing up for social causes with authenticity.

Companies that want to improve their sustainable marketing efforts should enhance their messaging and communications. For sustainability messaging, place the consumer at the centre of marketing campaigns, portraying them as the "hero" and showing how they can make an impact.

However, brands must be honest and transparent about their sustainability initiatives and avoid greenwashing messages to connect with consumers and build trust. This is especially true when reaching out to Gen Z and millennials. In case of lapses or errors, apologise to customers to show sincerity.

In marketing campaigns, emphasise the benefits of sustainability practices and their environmental impact. Innovate and reinvent products and services to be more sustainable and address consumers’ problems to bolster sustainability messaging.

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