Using no-code tools proves catalytic for business growth for 90% of users

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March 14, 2022, 1:53 AM GMT+0

A Zapier report found a significant rise in the use of no-code tools in recent years, with 82% of no-code users reporting they started using these tools within the past two years.

A majority of no-code users think their company has been able to achieve faster growth owing to its no-code usage. At 83%, task-oriented time savings is the top reason to continue investing in no-code tools. Automation (76%) and flexibility (74%) follow task-oriented time savings.

Though many professional developers and engineers could code their own technical solutions, more than one-third of no-code users are technical professionals who actively choose to use no-code tools. Such technical users of no-code tools reported experiencing benefits such as time savings, the ability to rapidly prototype solutions and empower other non-technical users.  

The ability to effectively use no-code tools is also seen as a difference-making skill. Among other benefits, no-code users enjoy positive company recognition, according to 82% of the respondents. Similarly, using no-code tools gives users additional compensation (70%) and the possibility of promotion (60%).

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