This is what CPG brands must do to adopt a service-led approach

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March 14, 2022, 3:45 AM GMT+0

Partnering with other brands that have common objectives and anticipating users’ future needs can help businesses stay relevant in an evolving CPG industry.

In the effort to engage audiences meaningfully, CPG brands can consider leveraging collaborations with partners who share their vision to offer brand-enhancing experiences. Marketers need to first understand what each brand offers their customers and use a combination of those attributes to the benefit of their users.

Similarly, businesses need to bring a shift in their product innovation parameters and adopt an entrepreneurial mindset, to aim at creating minimum viable products. Such a parameter shift can help brands stay relevant and competitive in the market and engage with customers better.

To create a service-led brand experience within the CPG sector, marketers must create content that audiences understand and expect. Such content pieces can then be used to suggest an additional service or solution. Similarly, focusing on what questions customers pose when using a product can help CPG brands anticipate where such questions might lead. It would further enable brands to offer solutions tailored to customer needs.

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