Conduct interviews, surveys and mine reviews to gather psychographic data

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March 15, 2022, 2:33 AM GMT+0

Merge quantitative demographic data with qualitative psychographic data to understand customers' habits, beliefs, and behaviours.

Conducting psychographic research to collect data on customers' activities, interests, and opinions, can help brands understand their behaviour and craft tailored marketing copy. Psychographic analysis helps examine cognitive elements like emotional responses, motivations, and values and consumers’ rationale behind certain decisions.

Assess reviews on sites like Amazon, and more, send surveys to email lists and create a ‘Thank You’ page survey to collect psychographic data. Conducting interviews with open-ended questions and allowing consumers to share their thought processes can help marketers better understand the customer journey.

Evaluate the gathered data to determine what customers loved and disliked about the brand's product and identify patterns. Next, segment consumers based on their lifestyles and personalities to write effective content focused on their needs and motivations.

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