This is how AI can help businesses address reputational threats in advance

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March 15, 2022, 5:05 AM GMT+0

Machine learning and AI-powered solutions like stance models can help identify social trends, gain audience insights and safeguard brand reputation.

The exponential growth of users on social media proves opportune for brands seeking to understand consumer awareness, engagement and sentiment. But in addition to voluminous amounts of daily content and issues of data storage, traditional methods of social media listening are unfit for modern-day requirements. Moreover, in the age of “cancel culture” and boycotts, brands can not afford to miss out on one negative opinion on social platforms.

Last year, 80% of people said they would boycott a brand based on negative information online, regardless of facts. By quickly identifying a change in tone and sentiment, brands can immediately manage an emerging crisis with an effective brand response.

Machine learning and AI-powered tools can help brands analyse online opinions to determine if they are positive, negative or neutral and create a suitable response. Similarly, PR teams can even leverage AI-powered stance models to identify the subject of an opinion to indicate whether the language used takes a positive or negative stance on a topic. These insights can help businesses tackle brand reputation threats beforehand, find opportunities and make informed decisions at a faster pace than traditional methods.  

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