Pay more attention to shapes and colours to design effective calls-to-action buttons

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March 15, 2022, 1:12 AM GMT+0

Although marketers should experiment with their CTA text and design, they can also opt for popular colour or shape choices to help their CTA stand out.

When it comes to creating effective and engaging calls-to-action (CTAs), shapes and colours are significant factors to consider. For instance, the most colour popular choices for CTAs are blue, green and orange. As for shapes, rectangular buttons with soft, rounded edges are most frequently used.

Similarly, a majority (37%) of CTA buttons appear on the right side of a page, followed by the middle (29%) and left (24%). Apart from the visuals, marketers must also ensure their CTA text is brief and creates a sense of urgency, playing on factors of time, speed and scarcity.

However, while creating urgency in their CTAs is important, brands should avoid creating a fake sense of urgency or choosing to weaponise fear. By doing so, brands stand to lose consumer trust. In fact, marketers should clearly mention what exactly customers gain access to by clicking on the CTA button.

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