Podcasts must be the focal part of a PR strategy, rather than a mere inclusion

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March 16, 2022, 3:14 AM GMT+0

Incorporate podcasts into a media strategy as well to deliver messaging effectively.

Podcasts can help brands and businesses enhance their PR strategy and boost their media outreach tactics. Because podcasts are simple to use, and in-person interviews have become scarce since COVID-19, reporters and influencers prefer the format given its ease of recording, editing and publishing.

Additionally, podcasts allow a brand's spokesperson to convey important messages and discuss specific issues in depth while providing context. Companies can use podcast interviews to showcase a brand's personality, discuss interesting topics, and create evergreen content cost-effectively.

Design podcasts to include debates on important ideas, trends, thought leadership, and opinions given that they have a considerably longer shelf life. Use past interviews as a point of reference to make media pitches to other podcasters.

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