Google adds a new advertising unit to help improve on-site engagement

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March 17, 2022, 6:05 AM GMT+0

The unit works as a suggested content type prompt on the site, redirecting users to more webpages specifically related to the content users are viewing.

Google added a new ad unit, called “Related Search for Content”, to its AdSense suite, which aims to help drive users to more related elements on a website. Along with helping websites increase their on-site engagement, the new element also helps Google meet privacy standards.

According to Google, “When they click a search term, they’re taken to a search results page on the publisher’s site where they can explore other relevant topics, including search ads.” The search engine giant further added that this is a “privacy-preserving solution”, and it uses page content instead of user data, to offer relevant search terms.

This update is in line with Google’s broader shift away from user data tracking and it can help deliver more tailored ad solutions, without the need for cookies. Interested advertisers can contact their account manager to activate AdSense for search for their AdSense account.

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