Leveraging social proof lends a human touch to marketing and builds trust

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March 17, 2022, 12:59 PM GMT+0

Use social listening tools like surveys to collect consumer feedback and execute authentic marketing campaigns.

Customers' purchasing decisions can be influenced by brand authenticity since 90% of consumers think authenticity is crucial when choosing a brand to support. Incorporate social proof like reviews, social media posts and case studies across marketing assets like landing pages to build trust and authenticity.

Share a company’s background story, purpose, and mission via the “About Us” page to connect with prospective consumers with similar beliefs and boost brand authenticity. Build value propositions and integrate them into the brand’s story to further attract consumers.

Instead of using stock images, using real and natural-looking pictures of products, team members, and consumers is recommended. Being transparent and open across all content channels like emails, blogs, and more can help marketers strengthen their customer relationships and demonstrate authenticity.

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