This is what CMOs can do to meet evolving consumer expectations around “good growth”

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March 17, 2022, 4:40 AM GMT+0

To achieve business growth and enhance CX, marketing leaders need to begin by ensuring their brand messages reflect social diversity.

With the pandemic accelerating digitisation of businesses and a sense of urgency, new CMOs must show quick growth gains and drive transformation. To meet evolving consumer expectations around “good growth” and retain their position, CMOs should show the business can change the world for the better without sacrificing business goals.

Given that two-thirds of consumers now want to buy from brands with caring, ethical and transparent practices, marketing leaders must tailor their brand messages to resonate with diverse perspectives, experiences and voices in the society, to engage more aware audiences. Focusing on ethics and morality can also help marketers gather and use data more effectively, without being intrusive.

Along with ensuring a seamless CX, marketers must ensure their brands are aligned with values and purposes that they are willing to abide by in the long run. Further, personalisation should be undertaken with a certain purpose and business goal in mind. Hyper-personalisation, for instance, can narrow the focus beyond need and eliminate other consumers from the audience bracket and prevent scale.

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