Nearly half of all marketing departments do not trust the accuracy of their data

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March 18, 2022, 10:01 AM GMT+0

Research from Adverity finds that a majority of marketing department continue relying on outdated practices, when it comes to marketing data and analytics.

About two-thirds of marketing believe their companies are analytically mature. Of these, 77% are yet to achieve a single unified view of their marketing performances. Similarly, 68% of them still depend on spreadsheets for reporting.

Around 61% of marketing departments see developing predictive analytics as a key strategic aim this year. Yet, more than a third of those departments struggle with manual data integration. 48% of these marketing departments say they do not trust the accuracy of their marketing data.

While 60% of marketing data analysts claim their organisations already have the capacity to run predictive models, only 42% marketers agree with them. Analysts (59%) and marketers (43%) also differ when it comes to companies having a centralised data warehouse.

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