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March 18, 2022, 3:34 AM GMT+0

When it comes to attention-grabbing content, quantity is ineffective compared to quality content that contextualises narratives and experiments with topics and formats.

 With brands and businesses everywhere leveraging AI to create large volumes of content to reach their customers, it is easy for a specific piece of content to get drowned in the noise. Creating a content marketing strategy that effectively engages target audiences can feel like "shouting into a hurricane."

Instead of focussing on quantity, brands need to focus on the quality of their content pieces. Deep, thoughtful articles backed by research and analysis can help grab the target audiences' attention effectively. Similarly, marketers must stick to the core story or value of their content but change the narrative to resonate with the evolving needs of consumers. 

Each retelling of the story needs to be updated to align with changing pop-culture contexts. Instead of revising a content piece or format to better it, brands should experiment and create innovative pieces that can garner audience attention.

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