Ad copy testing key to identifying relevant keywords, enhancing paid search tactics

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March 21, 2022, 1:25 AM GMT+0

When it comes to using keyword ranking and click-through rate data to enhance paid search campaigns, marketers must focus on relevance.

Brands can achieve higher quality scores on search engines by matching keywords with their ad copy. But, they must also ensure the ad copy aligns with the landing pages. Brands can ensure this is by analysing customer experience to identify search intent and understand what they might expect to see when they click on a specific ad copy.

Marketers should also choose a particular group of well-performing keywords, run a test to increase bids by 25% to 50% and analyse the test results. Marketers can then determine if they experience any incremental lifts and note the cost per incremental conversion.

Such tests can help brands access real-time data and use the insights to better inform their keyword and other marketing tactics. Apart from ongoing ad copy testing, brands must ensure they establish a test and learn strategy to adapt to changing algorithms, competitors and customers.

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