Analysing shared experiences online can help improve CX and spur conversions

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March 21, 2022, 4:29 AM GMT+0

Brands need to monitor and assess CX because how a customer feels when interacting with the brand influences what they talk about the brand online.

Shared experiences refer to instances when customers share their intentions, experiences and outcomes in online communities, social networks and mobile apps for other consumers to discover. In this dynamic ecosystem where decisions are made in real-time, the experience of an existing customer – when shared through reviews, videos and testimonials – can influence the journey of the next consumer.

Brands need to analyse what their customers really think of them and if their customers’ questions were answered appropriately. Similarly, marketers should see if there are any influencers who actually push target audiences away from the brand or if there are any networks or online platforms, which affect what the target audiences see, learn and do.

While brands can use surveys to gather feedback on CX, analyzing shared experiences online can help brands access real-time sentiments. Brands can even use metrics like Net Promoter Score to assess if customers are satisfied enough with the brand to recommend it to others.

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