Create an attribution timeframe for CTV/OTT conversions

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March 21, 2022, 11:16 AM GMT+0

Use real-time A/B testing on CTV platforms to optimise ad campaigns.

As multi-channel consumption increases, marketers must leverage multi-touch attribution (MTA) to attribute conversions for CTV and OTT advertising. Advertisers can attribute conversions across all touchpoints using a linear MTA model.

To attribute conversions, establish an attribution timeframe, avoid measuring exposures outside of it, and prioritise each touchpoint within it, depending on the campaign and brand goals. Comparing the conversion rate lift of exposed viewers to a holdout group, analyse the incrementality of attributed conversions and eliminate those that didn't have a direct impact.

Segregate the impact of certain media types and track whether actions like purchases were a direct result of a campaign or an ad via incrementality analysis. Utilise real-time ad purchase optimisation and delivery insights in CTV to inform budget spending decisions on publishers, creatives, and other areas.

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