Brands can leverage influencer marketing to engage users in a privacy-safe way

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March 22, 2022, 4:01 AM GMT+0

About 92% of consumers feel companies must be proactive about data protection, with 64% of them blaming the company and not the hacker in case of a data breach.

With data privacy becoming a priority for customers, brands can capitalise on influencer marketing to better navigate the privacy landscape. For instance, influencers have a direct line to their audiences, without using cookies or other data points.

Brands can collaborate with influencers to connect with audiences on various platforms and devices, without violating privacy guidelines. Similarly, influencers have direct access to first-party data from their followers, which can be legally shared in an aggregated, anonymised form for a particular brand campaign.

Apart from targeting users in a privacy-safe manner, brands can leverage influencer marketing to show real people in their campaigns and establish authenticity. With 70% of teenage YouTube subscribers saying they relate to YouTube creators more than celebrities, influencer marketing can help brands cultivate trustworthy online reputations and build strong relationships.

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