Opt for CX analytics platforms to unify, analyse customer feedback in real-time

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March 22, 2022, 5:12 AM GMT+0

Analytic platforms can help brands measure CX in real-time, deliver personalised interactions and build brand loyalty.

Brands have often relied on data from customer interactions and survey-based metrics like customer satisfaction scores to measure CX performance. Similarly, customer feedback from surveys, customer reviews and service tickets have helped identify opportunities to optimise CX. But such insights often stem from past interactions, making the data outdated for businesses to take timely action.

At the same time, feedback is often found across various data sets because of which marketers struggle to access larger, pressing trends. Using analytics platforms, companies can unify, measure and analyse all types of customer feedback across platforms in real-time.

Additionally, certain platforms leverage AI to analyse customer sentiment and reveal which specific product features should be improved. With analytics platforms, brands can even rely on algorithms to generate predictive scores for each customer and value outcomes such as revenue, loyalty and cost to serve.

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