Share resources like case studies to nurture and convert leads

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March 22, 2022, 1:57 AM GMT+0

Adding a human touch to lead management tactics can help brands retain and convert prospects.

Brands must develop a lead management strategy to nurture interactions and assess touchpoints in the customer journey to convert leads. Nurturing leads can help marketers establish strong connections, build trust, and eventually convert leads into customers.

Erik Huberman, the author of The Hawke Method, recommends working on leads as soon as they convert from prospects to boost their maximum lifetime value (MLV). This can be done by setting up automated responses with a personal touch and calls-to-action and sending links to valuable content.

Companies should share content like case studies and other resources to help prospects better understand the product and service, as well as raise awareness. Reward converted leads and set up referral programs to further nurture and retain them, and acquire new leads.

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