Use automated media monitoring tools to detect and weed out false adverts

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March 22, 2022, 2:55 AM GMT+0

Partner with trusted and well-run affiliate channels to reach new consumers.

With fraudulent advertising increasing in affiliate marketing, companies must protect and maintain their brand, advertising, and marketing integrity. Given that affiliate marketing and traditional channels compete in paid search, media monitoring in affiliate programs is required to avoid "cross-channel" cannibalisation.

Van Chappell, general manager at BrandVerity, notes, affiliates can "Copy the ads already utilised by brands" in SERPs, leading consumers to click on the affiliate channel. This results in increased costs, as commissions paid to affiliates are higher than what's paid to search engines.

If an affiliate channel has a bad reputation, the company's reputation may suffer as well, and it may struggle to attract trusted affiliate partners. An automated monitoring approach can help brands identify fraudulent ads, shady partners, and safeguard customers’ journey cost and time-efficiently.

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