Use event design data to pick the right tech partner for hybrid B2B events

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March 24, 2022, 2:51 AM GMT+0

Take stock of the event team’s skillsets for in-house events.

Marketing leaders looking to host hybrid B2B events should consider the cost and complexity factors, among others. Conduct an audience analysis to gather insights about the target personas' preferences, in-person and virtual expectations, and more to enhance the event experience design.

To pick the right hybrid event type, say a small in-person event supported by a big virtual event or vis-à-vis, leverage audience sentiment analysis. Create a segmentation strategy for the pre and post-registration communications based on contacts, personas, target accounts, and other variables.

Either equally charge all participants or use a tiered pricing plan for in-person and virtual attendees. Incorporate "humanising" experiences for virtual guests and more digital touchpoints for in-person attendees. Analyse the design data to work with the right event management technology vendors.

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