Here is why marketers should not give up on direct mail even in the digital age

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March 25, 2022, 4:02 PM GMT+0

Though digital options offer many benefits like improved analytics and better ROI, response rates are higher on direct mail.

A study found that global standard direct mail open rates was nearly 90% in 2021, while the open rate for Mailchimp in the marketing and advertising field was 17.8%. This indicates that direct mail delivers better response rates and ROI than email.

With people’s inboxes cluttered with emails and consumers paying them less attention, direct mail could prove beneficial. Moreover, direct mails have less competition, making it easier for marketers to gain audience attention. Because of its tactile nature, direct mail is also more personal than digital communication, and it can spark an emotional response.

Around 70% of Americans reported direct mail is more personal than online interactions. In fact, more than half of consumers also say they wanted direct mail from brands that interest them. Brands can also integrate direct mail with digital campaigns and track user activity with options like QR codes, online promo offers, dedicated websites, and unique phone numbers.

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