Metaverse communities are the key to building customer relationships and personalise CX

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March 25, 2022, 1:31 AM GMT+0

While personalisation is important in order to enhance CX for audiences, brands must avoid stalking their customers across sites, platforms and devices.

In the metaverse, brands need to focus on fostering relationships between customers and brand ambassadors. Through such relationships, customers can avail gated content pieces or events based on insights collected on other platforms.

By offering gated content on every purchase, brands can use the product itself to access and further nurture customer communities. Customer communities can help facilitate contextual relationships with audiences. Such relationships can then enable brands to access deeper insights, personalise CX and boost engagement.

Brands can also offer expert advice, product tutorials and recreate parts of the in-store experiences on apps to personalise the experience. Similarly, live broadcasts hosted by experts can help customers solve their queries and learn from product demonstrations.

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