Too many pop-ups ads on website can push visitors to exit the site prematurely

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March 25, 2022, 1:24 AM GMT+0

Though pop-up ads can help brands increase engagement, marketers must limt the frequency of such ads to ensure a satisfying UX.

Pop-up ads act like salespeople for brands, eliminating distractions on a web page and narrowing down users’ attention to lucrative offers. Along with boosting brand visibility, pop-up ads can also be used to address customer doubts and collect their contact information.

Though pop-up ads have multiple benefits, many site visitors may not want to indulge in them. Brands need to respect such visitors and ensure the close button on the pop-up ad is clearly visible. Pop-up ads also need to be optimised for mobile viewing. For instance, Google recommends that mobile pop-up ads should not be bigger than 25% of the screen.

Marketers should also set a limit to the frequency of pop-up ads on their web page to two times during a browsing session. Similarly, testing the pop-up’s UX design and screen resolution on different browsers, operating systems and devices can help brands feature well-planned pop-ups to improve UX.

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