Resource page link building tactics are the key to earning high-quality backlinks

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March 28, 2022, 1:33 AM GMT+0

This piece highlights some proven tactics that marketers can use to get quality, relevant backlinks.

A content explorer tool can help brands identify domains that provide backlinks to sites with high-quality, relevant content. Before reaching out to such sites, marketers must create content with accurate information and ensure there are no misleading claims. Instead of only skimming the topic’s surface, consider explaining things in detail.

Along with using long-tail keywords, marketers should use graphics and videos to explain better and help readers understand the content easily. Businesses should find web pages that curate resources on a particular topic and links to external pages to leverage resource page link building.

After conducting a Google search with related phrases, businesses should prioritise opportunities by Domain Rating (DR) and estimated search traffic. Further, leverage tactics like broken link building, 301 redirect link building, podcast interviews and guest blogging to gain quality backlinks from authoritative domains.

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