Brands should avoid using no-reply email addresses to foster engagement

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March 30, 2022, 5:13 PM GMT+0

Using an email with a “do not reply” address like can negatively impact business results.

No-reply addresses make the communication one dimensional instead of being a two-way street. Using such email addresses can lead to a poor customer experience. No-reply email addresses can also negatively impact email deliverability.

As no-reply emails do not allow subscribers to have a two-way interaction, these emails can end up in the spam folder, causing a delivery problem. In fact, many email providers like Gmail and Yahoo often add no-reply emails to the spam folder.

Many email providers also do not allow users to “safelist” an email address that starts with noreply@, resulting in an increased unsubscribe rate. So, businesses can use addresses like “” or an address from a specific individual. It can help enterprises open up two-way communication, enabling customers to reach out and better connect with subscribers.

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