Ecommerce, social channel partnerships are key revenue sources for publishers

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April 01, 2022, 3:30 AM GMT+0

Publishers’ content strategies can also include ecommerce, podcasts and newsletters to diversify their income opportunities.

Given that a sizeable portion of publishers’ referral traffic comes from search engines and social channels, they should consider monetising the reach of such platforms. Partnership arrangements can take a variety of forms, including premium content created exclusively for certain platforms.

Publishers can even rely on ad revenue splits and beta testing for new services. Apart from platforms partnerships, ecommerce also offers publishers significant revenue potential. Publishers can depend on ecommerce for online shops, price comparisons, product reviews, affiliate links and online courses.

Podcasts have experienced a resurgence in recent times, which publishers can use for revenue opportunities like advertising and subscriptions. Even newsletters can help publishers build reader relationships, reduce subscriber churn and access monetisation opportunities like sponsorships and subscriber-only content.

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