For a holistic view of SEM campaigns, track micro and hard conversions

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April 01, 2022, 2:41 AM GMT+0

Doing this could prompt actions that bring in more leads and thereby sales.

User actions, such as downloading a pdf guide, that indicate that the person might be interested in becoming a customer in the future are called micro conversions. Other actions could include subscribing to an email list, greater-than-average session duration and more.

And so, actions like going through customer testimonials or viewing brand videos on site must be given credit as steps that help move customers further down the funnel. Micro conversions are also called “soft conversions” and tracking them could ensure appropriate use of campaigns and help a customer to the reach the stage of a hard conversion.

 Further, tracking micro conversions allows brands to assess that users are being served the right CTAs and content at the right stages, thereby helping them move along the funnel. Over time, the rate at which conversions take place could grow as customers return to the site.   

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