Security compliance must have a seat at the table in the board room

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April 01, 2022, 3:13 AM GMT+0

Compliance and business decisions must be connected together.

The author makes a case for the security compliance department having representation in the board room. Given that being non-compliant or complying all too late leaves a company open to risk and disappointment, compliance must not be seen as a hurdle that needs to be bypassed.

Prioritising security compliance could safeguard brand reputation and build consumer trust. Not just this, it also acts as a powerful business accelerant. Through compliance adherence, businesses could demonstrate their commitment to maintaining high standards in protecting consumer and brand data.

Decisions like exploring an entry into new markets or regions or contemplating an IPO could be better informed and be made faster with the perspective of the compliance department. If compliance hasn’t been factored in right from the initial stages, it might become a “business blocker.”  

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