Promote livestreaming events by using stickers in Instagram Stories

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April 04, 2022, 9:47 AM GMT+0

Schedule Instagram live streams anywhere between three months to an hour in advance.

To drive views on Instagram live videos, notify followers about any upcoming livestreams or promote them using PR tactics. Utilise Instagram's live streaming and promotional tools to grow the brand’s livestream audience and notify its followers.

Brands can use the calendar icon to schedule livestreaming events and publish all specifics for upcoming events. Since automated reminders sent by Instagram only contain the time of the event, title, and the account hosting it, brands must ensure the events have informative titles.

Marketers can send the Instagram live reminder in the form of posts after scheduling a livestream and include specifics of the event with different pictures. Leverage posts, use stickers on Instagram Stories and send direct messages to loyal consumers to promote livestreams.

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