73% of organisations currently have a sustainability program in place

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April 05, 2022, 11:40 AM GMT+0

PNC Institutional Assets Management interviewed C-suite and financial executives from organisations with annual revenue of $25 million and more.

The study which highlights corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives across for-profit and non-profit companies found that executives (92%) state that CSR is one of the top priorities of their companies. Of those polled, 65% of executives believe it is a "very high priority."

Further, 94% of participants believe that social responsibility (SR) initiatives will stay, and 91% believe businesses and non-profits can make an impact on issues like climate change and diversity. Reasons motivating executives' commitment to social responsibilities include senior leadership (92%), board of directors (89%), alignment with the organisation's mission (90%), and more.

Currently, 73% of organisations have an environmental sustainability related programme in place. 18% of those that don't have one, are in the planning process. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is the top priority for many executives, and 76% of for-profit organisations are likely to have a DEI initiative in place compared to non-profits (59%). Additionally, 40% say their company undertakes at least some form of ESG investment, and 39% say they are planning one.

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