Identify users’ frustrations with Web 2.0 to market effectively in Web 3.0

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April 05, 2022, 2:55 AM GMT+0

Marketers need to explain to their audiences how exactly using a product in Web 3.0 can help resolve their issues and pain points.

In Web 3.0, users’ digital identities do not become tied to their real identities. Customers will be able to view products and make purchases, without the product becoming a part of the users’ feeds or online experience. For marketers to engage users in Web 3.0, creating an accurate and in-depth customer avatar is crucial.

Gaining an accurate understanding of the customer avatar can help marketers understand their audiences’ goals and what values they attach to their careers and life. By understanding what their customers experience before using the product, in the “Before State”, marketers can ensure they effectively target their pain points and challenges in the “After State”.

For instance, businesses need to find out whether customers unhappy with the newsfeed showing the products they search on other platforms. Such insights can help marketers create an experience in Web 3.0 that eliminates all the challenges and frustrations users faced in Web 2.0.

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