Have a super group of advocates encourage other users to adopt new martech

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April 06, 2022, 2:58 AM GMT+0

Reward top users with incentives to entice employees to use the new technology.

To help boost the adoption of new martech tools, ensure the end-users are engaged and are using the new tech often and early. Create a super user group comprising of end-users and allow them to use the new tools as early as possible. This will help influence new users and lower resistance.

Use the super group as the testing group to collect feedback and understand the end-users’ martech needs. Implement training tactics like webinars, and other tailored approaches to ensure the tech is well received by initial and future users.

Offer training resources via webinars and newsletters continually to ensure all users have an opportunity to upskill themselves. Use vendor-provided support tools or other resources to encourage employee adoption and turn them into advocates.

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