AI adoption is challenged by lack of skilled people and data quality issues

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April 07, 2022, 11:17 AM GMT+0

A report by O’Reilly explores AI trends to understand outcomes of enterprise adoption.  

Over the last two years, at 26%, companies reporting AI applications in production has remained constant. Of those companies that have AI products in production, 49% have a governance plan in place. The governance includes overseeing, measurement and observation of projects.

At 20% each, the lack of skilled people and the lack of data or data quality issues are the biggest bottlenecks to AI adoption. With respect to mature practices, the retail and financial services industries (at 37% and 35% respectively) rank the highest.

For mature organisations that are evaluating risks, unexpected outcomes (68%) comprise the biggest focus area. Model interoperability (61%), model degradation (61%), privacy (54%), fairness (51%), security (42%) follow.  

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