Publishers need to experiment with extended reality to boost reader engagement

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April 11, 2022, 2:53 AM GMT+0

Once publishers create a captive audience for AR, VR and XR-centric productions, they can then build and sell verticals on specific topics like travel or fashion.

Publishers must begin experimenting with technologies like extended reality (XR) to boost reader engagement and explore new opportunities for sponsored content and advertising integration. By working with XR, publishers can access a competitive advantage of understanding how it works before the technology becomes mainstream.

Publishers can also use 3D asset libraries to identify items that go well with their stores. Similarly, special filters on Instagram and Snapchat can help create immersive content. Organisations can also start training their teams on photogrammetry using an iPhone. Such skills can help publishers create more engaging content around travel, fashion, food and gaming.

When it comes to apps and tools, publishers can leverage a variety of them. For XR, publishers should use platforms like YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram and Google Street View. For instance, Google Street View is an effective platform for exploring VR, along with Scene VR and Panorama 360.

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