For success in the metaverse, focus on meaningful engagement over promotions

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April 11, 2022, 7:39 AM GMT+0

Brands can leverage the metaverse to nurture conversations with their audiences and boost organic reach.

Gen Z perceives traditional advertising as intrusive, and an invasion of their privacy. Since Gen Z audiences are the natives of the metaverse, brands must ensure they form a natural engagement with their Gen Zers. They should focus on interesting ways of interacting with them, rather than simply promoting themselves.

Brands must also use technologies like NFTs to offer utility to their target audiences through ways like combining physical and digital experiences or even selling tickets to an event and offering front row seats in a concert. Before kick-starting any project in the metaverse, brands should inform their community about the technology used and the ideology behind the project.

By activating the community, brands will be able to build closer relationships, nurture consumer conversations and boost organic reach. Along with focusing on small experiments to engage the market, brands also need to have long-term strategies that align with their overall mission. Such long-term plans can help businesses maintain a cohesive brand messaging in both the real and digital worlds.

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