Address viewers directly, add text to videos to attract and retain viewer attention

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April 12, 2022, 5:04 AM GMT+0

Marketers must also ensure their videos lead with branding, to hold on to as much of their viewers’ attention as possible.

Particularly for skippable or scrollable videos, leading with clear branding and direction can help hook the viewers who are genuinely interested in the brand. Similarly, the video should not feel like an endless sales pitch that rambles on about the brand without a clearly stated goal.

Brand videos must feature a clear brand image, an organised narrative and a digestible content structure to effectively engage viewers. Videos must address the viewers directly to strike an emotional chord with audiences and enjoy an increase in brand consideration.

Testimonial videos that directly refer to viewers and encourage them to take action can help keep viewers engaged for longer. Brands can even consider adding captions to their videos to increase views. Even mid-video text overlays can successfully drive attention rates.

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